Thursday, March 31, 2005

oh to be 8, 9 or 10 again!

Had it and now I want it back!

Is it wrong...

... to choose a vulgarity as a password??

How do you make up your passwords? Old address, pet's birthdate?

Speaking of wrong, but it is oh so funny!!

And another thing, what is with good bar bands sounding like other more popular bands? The phenom of coldradioplayhead type bands is really lame. If your musicians are good, why not write something that sounds original???

I'm just mad 'cause Ginger was all about how cute their singer was. Turns out he was making moves. I found the concealed sticker she got, for free, from him. First Les Savy Fav and now Rantings of Eva!!! I mean come on Ginger stick with the bigger more establish Williamsburg Band, dont' slum around for the band from Georgia. Remember the last good thing to come out outa Georgia, shudder!

Another thing, what's with the three tiers of effects pedals.....Offender! It still sounds like a guitar!! And another thang lose the Flash on your website, it reaks of state fair wanna be. But your singer is hot, so you got one good thing going for you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Legos, Absinthe and beer hunting

Friends of the us here at the Ninja Monkey Bat Cave HQ hold an annual beer hunt every easter (or as close to it as possible) since they both work in theatre it is usually the monday following easter.
I always look forward to visiting with Jim and Christine because they never stopped playing with legos. Jim has acquired enough Star Wars oriented legos to film another 3 episodes. I found myself on his couch with the various Star Wars space ships all assembled in their Lego goodness mimicking the sound or what I thought to be the sound of these imaginary intergalatic flyers. Oh the joy.....
Well as you guessed it instead of hunting for eggs, Jim and Christine took the time to hide alcoholic beverages around their tiny apartment for their guests to search. Yipppeee..... Imagine 7 people tearing apart their shoe box of an apartment in search of mini bottles of beer and hard liquor. Behind legos walls. Inside stuff animals. Behind books. Under couch cushions.

In reward for our fine hunting, not only did we get to keep the mini bottle of beer and liquor, but Jim treated us to Absinthe (ritual and all).

Nothing beats playing Star Wars with an Absinthe buzz.

Did I

Did I witness what I thought I just witnessed? An elephant and a baboon teasing a child by throwing peanuts at its head. I'm guessing the circus is in town.


sorry tammy scumbag!!

I read what you typed(wrote) and I had to share. Work for Idle hands is her blog, and I have to agree. So I blog.....

I am new to this Phenom..... and i think it might help me figure it out!

If only I knew what it was!

Monday, March 28, 2005

fatboy "ouch, my skillz are whack" slim

contrary to popular belief fatboy slim is not fucking in heaven...
we understand that there can be technical difficulties but some of your transitions sucked ass (not all, just some)

I still had fun

you can be my personal dj any day

Friday, March 25, 2005


this blogspot website is interesting..

but what is the point of this blog??

and I thought my grammar was bad, my nigga!

The moody goth english as a second language blog!

egg of the day, in spanish!

awesome, surfers who can write and draw! Probably not at the same time.


the office- is just a recasted version of the english show... I don't mind... Steve Carrel is probably the funniest person ever.

xtc's english settlement- I remember going to a Whalers game against the Bruins and my father refusing to listen to this album on the car ride. considering what else I was listening to at the time, i would think that the reprise would be welcomed.

terry schiavo- little known fact, she's a vegetarian.

the wedding- a year away and nothing as of yet planned, AWESOME!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


That's all until pay day!

Can I make the weekend?

Whom am I kidding? Of course I can, its not like I ever go out!

I have steaks in the freezer to get me by!


A place where people take their fat single friends shopping!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

where you at?, the whole city CAN HEAR YOU!!

What is up with the walkie talkies?

Cool when you're 7 years old while playing army man (which I did a lot of tween the ages of 6 and 15).
Needed if you are on a work site that requires communication without delay.

Un cool if you are wearing hi-heels, cargo pants or anything from the faux Louie Vitone line .

I don't need to know that Ray-Ray was sucking face with Tyronia at da club.
Other things I officially don't need to know:
Where you at?
Where your baby's daddy is at?
Amount of Rock Creek Cola needed for breakfast.
That Fat Arnold requires a 18 pack of Sunkist, a bag of doughnuts, 2 slim jims and a stick of butter.

Where you at?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005

Stove Top Crack Maker

Ginger (pronounced GING-HER, its the British pronunciation), my fiance, thought as a Valentine Day present a Stove Top Crack Maker (Espresso Maker) would be the ultimate I LOVE YOU present. At the Ninja Monkey Bat Cave Headquarters we like our coffee strong and black, so in fact it was the ultimate I LOVE YOU present, albeit the platinum diamond thing on her finger should be the ULTIMATE.
Even after we agreed, months in advance, that due to budget restraints Valentine gifts would not be bought, she broke down and the gift was bought and we have enjoyed it almost everyday since.

Saturday, I experienced a coffee overdose.

Headaches mean NEED MORE COFFEE. Saturday I awoke with a killer headache that could only mean caffine withdrawal, so I started the morning with three cups of coffee at Reeve's. Returned home to clean up a mess (left by a departing 18 yr. old soon to be sister in-law, which I am sure will be covered in full later.), and proceeded to have 4 cups from Stove Top Crack Maker (Espresso Maker).

Needless to say by 10 PM, Saturday I was sick, I wasn't wired awake just sick. I spent Sunday sleeping off the headache that came with the withdrawal.

Monday morning I still have a headache. And my stupid NinjaMonkey3000 brain is telling me to "HAVE MORE COFFEE."

I happily oblige.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Gay Chicken

Is it all that it is cracked up to be???

Yes and then some.

As a spectator sport, it could be the best new sport since curling or arena football. I would definitly buy season tickets to see the mixed doubles or the Swedish Woman's Gay Chicken Team take on the club team from Goa, India "Goa Go-Go's" (their unique team uniforms of Go Go Boots and thongs could be big sellers at the local Moddels or Champs).

Yeah Gay Chicken.

BTW When playing versus a man in a kilt. The kilt always wins.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ASS Problems at the Ninja Monkey Bat Cave Headquarters

After the midnight run to BUR (name of store changed to protect the innocent), for Preparation H for my lady friend, little did I know I would start to have some ass problems of my own. Luckily my anus is not popping blood vessels (thanks to South Beach). But over the past two days I have noticed an irritation low on my left ass cheek (think where the ass and the upper thigh meet, but more ass than thigh.)
Needless to say it appeared right where my ass hits the chair. My boney butt ain't helping either. It feels as though my ass bone is causing the irritation from the inside.

So anyway, I think my office chair needs to go. To lessen the pain I grabbed a throw pillow from the reception area's many couches.

Upon further investigation of the office chair it seems two ply burlap does not act as sufficent padding for comfort.

I know what you are thinking, what was the midnight run for Preparation H all about. That, ladies and gentleman, is for another time.

Feel free to correct my grammar, I am sure it sucks!

Blowing up Fish

Thanks Smith for making me remember Danny Kissling.

I just spent an hour Googling Danny Kissling to see if he is still calling in Bomb Threats and inserting firecrackers into helpless fish.

As a 12 year old I couldn't fathom the realities of what we did that day.

Now I am depressed, thinking back, to the poor poor helpless Sunnies as their faces exploded in mid-air to the delight of two 12 year olds. One clearly the follower (me) and the other an evil devil child who would eventually call in bomb threats because he was dared to.
Where is he now?

So this is a first attempt at a Blog!

Correct my grammar and stuff, if'n you wish!