Wednesday, March 23, 2005

where you at?, the whole city CAN HEAR YOU!!

What is up with the walkie talkies?

Cool when you're 7 years old while playing army man (which I did a lot of tween the ages of 6 and 15).
Needed if you are on a work site that requires communication without delay.

Un cool if you are wearing hi-heels, cargo pants or anything from the faux Louie Vitone line .

I don't need to know that Ray-Ray was sucking face with Tyronia at da club.
Other things I officially don't need to know:
Where you at?
Where your baby's daddy is at?
Amount of Rock Creek Cola needed for breakfast.
That Fat Arnold requires a 18 pack of Sunkist, a bag of doughnuts, 2 slim jims and a stick of butter.

Where you at?


debbie said...

are you talking about cell phone walkie talkie-type things? isn't that so you don't have to put the phone to your ear and possibly get brain cancer??? i'm totally talking out of my ass.

i DO hate the "where you at" thing. ever since i learned in the 6th grade that it's improper to end a sentence with a preposition, anytime i hear someone do it it drives me up a fucking wall.

mighty said...

the cell phone/walkie talkies drive me nuts...

the walkie talkie part is really inappropriatte in public at time.

why people want their conversations to be heard is beyond me.

I'll go to ireland with ya if your man doesn't!!!