Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nine fourteen the next day

I survived Irene. Was asleep by 1:00/1:30!  The 3 espressos i had at 4:00 yesterday did nothing!

The power that was Irene was quite impressive. Would love to experience something like that again, however, my home would not like to experience that again. Too stressful for all involved.

Thanks for tuning in.

12:39am Irene has brought it

Wind and rain.. Irene not playing around.

Kinda crazy and nerve racking.
Can't stare out window any longer, as the trees are to big and the destruction they could cause freaks me out

Every few minutes the lights flicker, but we haven't lost power yet FINGERS CROSSED KNOCK ON WOOD

Its inevitable though.!

Not gonna sleep tonight.

Hopefully the house is still here tomorrow and not blown out to sea.

Will have more updates