Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Springer's State of the Union

I swear, every time the politicos stood to applaud Bush, I heard them chanting "Jerry Jerry Jerry!"

Monday, January 30, 2006

Saturday January 28th or as i like to call it DEERHOOF Saturday

Holy moly.

So Thursday or Wednesday or someday, Debbie emailed me to let me know that she signed her kid (Jack) up to attend the filming of a Pancake Moutain session, and she wanted me to join them as Uncle Mighty! The best part is that DEERHOOF was to be the rock group featured. I had planned on seeing them Saturday evening at the Black Cat, but could not pass the opportunity to dance like a wacky guy for a kiddy dance tv show!!

SO I threw on my silver dancing shoes, donned my green jacket and wrapped myself in an orange scarf and ran down to the Warehouse Next Door....... Not only was I greeted by millions of little children and their yuppy rents, but a mulitude DC hipsters fucks as well. The two Ians were representing. You know the types, they go to shows just to be seen and not hear the music.Ms. Garnet you know who you are!!!...But need I digress?????

So Deerhoof played the rock, I danced amongst scores of preteen kids and all was happy. BESTEST of all they played my favorite song, not once but threee times on Saturday, Gore In Rut or as all the kids called it the Bunny Song. Twice it was played during the filming then once as part of their encore at the Adult only performance at the Black Cat. Awesome awesome awesome.
My oh my Deerhoof Saturday was great.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

be afraid Posted by Picasa

Mighty the Crime Fighter photo contest announced!

Ever wanted a life time supply of Depends Adult Diapers or an army of robotic fire ants?

Now is you chance.... Send your photos of Mighty fighting crime or taking a bite out of crime now for your chance to win!!!

Our first submission was received from our crime fighting Ute representative in the holy land. He was kind enough to take time from smiting the heathen Mormons to create the lovily picture to our left. If you can do better or you have a picture of the mighty Mighty in his finest hour of fighting crime, send it in quick.... Contest ends soon!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

1103 5th Street Drug market open for business, I AM LOVING IT!

isn't it ironic that there is a police station acrossthe street form 1103 5th Street.
The happenings of this evening:
Came home around 12:00 to find a dark african americangoing through the the back of someone's white pick uptruck. I imediately called 311 to report a suspiscouscharacter. As I was on the phone he propostioned mywife for a blow job claiming he was "just a homeless guy looking for a place to sleep and get some". I have seen this gentleman in the neighborhood many times coming and going from the 1103 5th street house. and needless to say he was high as a kite. You will be able to recognize this gentleman by hisvery distinct high cheek bones,and almost square face. When he noticed I was on the phone he casually walkeddown 5th, across New York to L street, i m sure to go get his BLOW JOB.


With in 3 minutes of the 'cheek bone avenger' leavingI witnessed a dark green toyota camry (mid to late90's) drop someone off at 1103 to pick up some of the"good stuff". The Dark green camry was kind enough topark on the corner before the alley as he waited forhis buddy. Lucky for me, he was kind enough to stayaround long enough so I could get his plate.
Maryland MNM 322. Sure enough his buddy popped out of1103 within minutes.
He was even kind enough to say"Good Evening"


Again, to recap a Dark Green Toyota Camry, Maryland plates MNM 322.
Look for it and be sure to say HELLO!
Second night in a row that I have had to call the POLICE.
They love me.
Can't wait to get my frequent flyer card from the DC Police!!