Monday, April 23, 2007

Porn Porn Porn Ridge and Illegal Parking

NIMBY group demands closure of local porn palace. Zoning Board & DCRA determines establishment to be illegal and requires it to close. Porn palace thumbs nose at NIMBY group and stays open. Zoning Board & DCRA enforces nothing, NIMBY group is unhappy & the porn patrons enjoy wood and leave with large smiles.

At least there are no whores getting their tricks on in my alley, so far. This is not something I can guarantee when the establishment closes for good. So we got that to be happy about. As much as I enjoy hearing whores scream bloody murder at 3 in the AM, I tend to think that keeping the porn palace and its glory holes open will keep the whores, BJs and soiled condoms out of the alley.

(Of course I am sure that someone will accuse me of being a new comer for taking the stance of wanting to keep the porn palace open. What a minute that doesn't sound right??? {that's a shout out to my main man & neighbor rr446 [he accused me of being an activist once]})

(Anyway onto the next topic!)

Now if only we could keep the bastards from M & J construction from parking illegally in the alley. The bastards who drive the truck and live in the ugly green condo are complete jerkfaces. They don't even have legal DC tags on the truck and their command of the macho tough guy bullshit is just that bullshit!

How about paying the fees like everyone else. But of course, me and my former roommate parked his piece of shit volkswagen (Maine Plates) on the property on Ridge Street currently owned by the charter school for 'troubled' boys on 6th. That is when I used to 'run' with my 'boys' up on Ridge.... 470... 4 life!!!! So anyway, I was guilty of illegally parking. But that was when I was living the transient lifestyle and I didn't own a car. Who knew I would still be in DA HOOD 9 years later.......?????