Tuesday, March 15, 2016


No2nd airplane ride of the day. Morning spent in DCA being the asshole people watcher judging every douche in their ll bean duck boots and too expensive white soled red wings. (Saw a douche delicately cleaning his boots. Can't remember but in sure he was wearing a flannel and a the ever ubiquitous lumberjack beard all the douches seem to be wearing these days).
Casually, got onboard with the other group fivers.  What is the rush to line up to wait to get on board? While I always check a bag, I have always been lucky to find a over head bin space for my hip as fuck messenger bag and I am the penultimate passenger on the plane... mostly.

Neighbor lady on the first flight seemed to me to be a follower.... Repeating every motion I made to make myself comfortable before take off.  I would adjust the brightness of seat back TV in order to not have to be bombarded by omnipresent advertisement, she would follow suit.  I would adjust my sear belt to the correct fit, she would mimic. This along with personal characteristics leads me to believe that individual thought might not be a part of her daily routine.

Prior to rake off I required head phones i had previous place in my stowed hip messenger bag. Airplane doors locked and closed... Moments ago at from take off.... Neighbor lady asked if the was room for her belongings... I may have offered this information up to her for her trip comfort.

Meanwhile the captain is waiting to taxi, neighbor lady take he time to get here stowage material ready for stowing. Here I am standing in the aisle to assist. Flight crew fire lasers.... She decides to take all the time.... All of it, coat in the bag? Purse out? Should we tie the reusable grocery bag? (Haute fashion for the jet setting types).......

With her goods stowed the flight is ready to fly.

Come the end of our flight neighbor lady is ready to hand off her inflight created garbage. Flight crew, as they do, are going row by row to take refuse and ensure all ate ready for landing... But neighbor lady is ready to hand off the garbage NOW. Flight crew has 15 rows to deal with but neighbor lady ( who is in the middle seat) is jumping at the chance to have the crew take her personal garbage NOW. Not later, not in a minute or two.... But NOW.

DCA to ORD and its passengers can be such a chore.

John or George Templeton foundation.

Dance Moms is the worst.  Can reality TV just stop with the contrived bulls hit??

Georgia slays all with her drum kit.