Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pics of my HOOD!

Welcome to my hood! Green arrows UP is always positive. Don't mind the gang war or stray bullets wizzing by your head.

This is the Carnegie Library in Mount Vernon Square, it is now sits empty and is used in-frequently for parties. Homeless and street people sleep out back on top of the air conditioning fans.

This is AV, the italian restaurant, a mere block from my hizzy. It's awesome. The owner made millions by selling so that a greedy developer can build overpriced condos, and limited commercial space. BTW, did I mention my neighborhood is a historic district??????


Jesus Fricking Christ on a Crutch

Whats with the idiots in this city?

Fenty what are you gonna do? I want to know what the city has planned and how you are gonna keep me and my loved ones safe.....

This shit is ridiculous..