Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So, I'm an asshole!!!

So, I harp on subjects that are not as important or relevant to conversations in play.
So, I don't say hello to the demolition guy who woke me from my beauty sleep with the crash boom blam of his backhoe type thingy.
So, I give the dump truck driver, who is parked on a street that doesn't allow trucks with a minimum capacity of 1 and a quarter ton, the stink eye.
So, I bitch and complain without giving real solutions.
So, I shit on people as much as possible. For no reason what so ever.
So, I'm a hypocrite and can't keep my stories straight.
So, I trip the light fantastic.
So, I find guilty pleasure from listening to American Idol in my sleep.
So, I watch you as you walk up my block after you just bought crack from the guy on the corner.
So, I watch you stumble home from a night of HEAVY DRINKING at the local bar/cafe and question (to myself) whether or not you belong in the front yard of the house you are entering. PS I am not your buddy.

Its not like you are any better than I. At least I'm attempting to find my own inner peace,
reality tv show, ultimate cheeseburger.