Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Letter never sent to Moderator of Life in Mount Vernon Square Blog


It's good to see that you are keeping up with the FULL NAMES ONLY crusade on the Life in Mount Vernon Square BLOG.

There are a couple of more posts that have been added that I wanted to bring to your attention, that do not use FULL NAMES. Most recently someone using the name Cary (not a FULL NAME) posted regarding Roby Chavez. (ed. note has since been removed?)

Finally, I wanted to make sure that the money I gave to the MVSNA for membership dues is not funding a hypocritcal BIG BROTHER scheme. Even though the Life in Mount Vernon Square BLOG is a prominent feature of the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association website, I just want to make sure I don't financially support a group that condones censorship or the use of double standards.

Your response is appreciated.



The Lone White Hair

Discovered: one lone WHITE hair growing from my head....

Lost: one lone WHITE hair, went missing after a shampooing. Where did you go?