Friday, May 04, 2007

Jesus and I. 33

33 today.

If you are interested and you read this blog, I will be celebrating at Mozart's Cafe starting at 6:00.

Mozart's is at 1331 H Street.

Good Beer served by the litre.

Hopefully I won't be crucified.


DC United v NE

DC United v New England 004
Tied 1-1
Best so far.


Finally someone who deserves being capitan is now capitan, or as I like to call him Capitan Caveman. Benny Olsen that is......

Caroline and her friend Lakshmi attended with Jenn and I.

DC United v New England 007

Here are some pics and a video just after a big pushing match started. Notice the love for Twellman.

Best chant of the night has to be:
"Twellman, Twellman, Twellman, YOU SUCK!"

DC United v New England 009

Notice how the 100's thru 300's are packed!!! Better than the nationals attendance.