Friday, June 28, 2013

Queen of the Night

She draws me in.

Unable to resist
Oh Ishtar, head back through the 7 gates.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


The past week has been chock full. A home game, an away game, U23 game, a U18 & an away viewing on CSN.  All United.

I am tired, exhausted really.

My throat hoarse, my lungs & limbs aching.

However, it is an awesome feeling.  And at times transcendental.

Awesome to be with my peeps.

Awesome to meet new peeps.

Awesome to guide those new to the stands.

Awesome to breathe in the smoke and flares.

Gonna go to sleep now. Can't wait for the next match

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

San Antonio Bound

Little trip planned for work.

Lounging by the riverwalk.  Tex-Mex will be eaten.

Texas is still a big huh??? to me.  I've spent 10 days in Austin a few years back, not experiencing the cultural & historical goodness that a city like Austin could provide.  I have much to learn and much to experience.

Starting tomorrow I will be in Austin, and it is my plan to become more engaged with the city and state.

I will be traveling solo but will fly the flag of the JACK@@@ES, with pride.

Saturday I will travel to a San Antonio Scorpions to see what all the fuss is about. Love the lower leagues!!.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Carlos Ruiz DC United El Pescadito

Did Seal Team Six miss?
Did DC United pick the wrong Guatemalan?
IS Osama bin Laden really that fit?
Is Carlos Ruiz no longer fat, slow and all elbowy?
Was Osama hiding in Guatemala all this time?
Do they have caves in Guatemala?
Do they have fish in Pakistan?
Is United Al-Qaeda of MLS?
Will Barra Brava have to endure IEDs on their walk to RFK?
Are the Screaming Eagles the Red Cross/Red Crescent of Lot 8?

2013 season for DC United is sure to be interesting.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Ive started dealing with my fat

Walking which will lead to running.
Running will lead to cycling.
Eating less will lead to eating healthy.

A show was dropped and a smaller show was picked up.  The client likes me. I dislike my work. Always have. Not to be confused with my job or employer.  Its my output silly. I feel inferior and not fully trained... but i fake it. I sell it.  I mumble through it and put in the hours.

Ive recently taken to wearing a Tom's of Maine deodorant that is and could be  considered manly all due to the shape of the container in which the deodorant is dispensed. I like Tom's of Maine.  Just not the lemongrass scented deodorant.  During kidney failure i unfortunately used a Tom's of Maine scented with lemongrass and it made my armpits itchy and uncomfortable.  Thinking, at the time, my organ failure caused this horrible reaction if uncomfortableness. I now realize that i simply have a mild allergy to either lemongrass or another ingredient.

Its late and cold.  I will sleep now and hold my complaints for another day.