Friday, January 04, 2013

Ive started dealing with my fat

Walking which will lead to running.
Running will lead to cycling.
Eating less will lead to eating healthy.

A show was dropped and a smaller show was picked up.  The client likes me. I dislike my work. Always have. Not to be confused with my job or employer.  Its my output silly. I feel inferior and not fully trained... but i fake it. I sell it.  I mumble through it and put in the hours.

Ive recently taken to wearing a Tom's of Maine deodorant that is and could be  considered manly all due to the shape of the container in which the deodorant is dispensed. I like Tom's of Maine.  Just not the lemongrass scented deodorant.  During kidney failure i unfortunately used a Tom's of Maine scented with lemongrass and it made my armpits itchy and uncomfortable.  Thinking, at the time, my organ failure caused this horrible reaction if uncomfortableness. I now realize that i simply have a mild allergy to either lemongrass or another ingredient.

Its late and cold.  I will sleep now and hold my complaints for another day.

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