Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baked! Cheetos

I love you!

No regulars so i'll type about my kidney

<p>I'm sitting at the transplant center waiting for my cytogam infusion. Which means sitting on my ass for four hours while meds slowly drip into my veins.&nbsp; My donor, at one time, came in contact with a herpes type virus that lies dormant in their organs.&nbsp; I knew the risks and signed off on taking a possibly infected kidney.  The doctors informed me that 8 cytogam infusions would help my body not contract the possible virus (a type of herpes).  Today's infusion is number seven, the eighth and final is scheduled for a month from now.

Infusion appointments are long and slow.  To complicate matters, i was late to the appointment by 10 minutes, and since the cytogam is made to order here at the hospital I have to always wait up to and hour if I'm late by five or ten minutes.

So here i sit waiting for my meds to arrive.

Monday, August 29, 2011

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for my Indian visitors

wrong Indians??


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nine fourteen the next day

I survived Irene. Was asleep by 1:00/1:30!  The 3 espressos i had at 4:00 yesterday did nothing!

The power that was Irene was quite impressive. Would love to experience something like that again, however, my home would not like to experience that again. Too stressful for all involved.

Thanks for tuning in.

12:39am Irene has brought it

Wind and rain.. Irene not playing around.

Kinda crazy and nerve racking.
Can't stare out window any longer, as the trees are to big and the destruction they could cause freaks me out

Every few minutes the lights flicker, but we haven't lost power yet FINGERS CROSSED KNOCK ON WOOD

Its inevitable though.!

Not gonna sleep tonight.

Hopefully the house is still here tomorrow and not blown out to sea.

Will have more updates

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two minutes after eight, breaking out the survival kit

Be safe!

quarter past six on Saturday

well, Irene is here, rain has been constant since noon and the wind is definitely picking up. Gust come through the neighbor sending the rain horizontal.

The gutter out front of the house is now a large creek. Thankfully the drain down the street has not backed up. Fingers crossed it continues to flow flow flow.

This might be a long night

BTW no water in the basement, the crickets are not happy.

Almost three thirty

Wind is picking up.
Home Depot is crazy busy.
People smoking by the propane, crazy.

Irene bringing the fury???? Not quite. But it might get crazy yet.

One o'clock something happening

The Kop singing "i just can't get enough'

Irene still boring.

Thinking of taking a nap later.

46 minutes past noon, irene more of same

And Jordan Henderson scores for Liverpool
Irene is still boring.

Half past noon, Irene knocking on the door

Gentle rain and small bursts on wind.

I'm taking a break from putting together a grill in the shed to watch Liverpool destroy Bolton (fingers crossed)

Uh oh, the wife had close the window a bit. Why? Water starting to come in.

BLTs for lunch, yum!

10 minutes to 10. Where are you Irene?

But a nice warm breeze is a blowing while I enjoy my cup of coffee and the Bundesliga.
Bayern v. Kaiserlatern (sic). Always go for the ünderdog.

40 minutes past midnight, GREEN DAY are POSEUR FUCKS

still nothing
no rain
no wind

Green Day on live at Lollapalooza.

Green Day are a bunch of poseur douchebags

Stoopid looking old men fucks
Green Day Geriatric Fucks!!

quarter past midnight

no rain
no wind

Gogol Bordello is on the tv, which helps pass the time

Sadly the DC United match for tomorrow was postponed.

We will be tailgating however.. just not at RFK.. maybe a match of hurricane football will be played in the backyard.

if you are interested in grilling and drinking beer.... contact me!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Hurricane Irene survival list

Goslings Dark rum
Chocolate cover pomegranates
a stack of porn in magazine form
paint thinner
paper bag
Bazooka Joe bubble gum
loose fitting underwear
baby wipes


Come to my macaroni party and we'll take a nap!

Ah snap!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake DC Style

Well that was fun! No?

Rumor control: The Washington Monument is NOT leaning, (thank you Pittsburgh's Fox affiliate for starting that rumor)

The damage has been limited to this!!!!!!

updated 3:41

update 3:44
White House a SHAKING!!!

update 4:01
The earthquake was centered in Mineral, Va near the North Anna Station NUCLEAR POWER PLANT YIKES!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (sorry for linking to FOX)

update 4:43

update 4:54
City Paper report steeple of church at 13th and Monroe has COLLAPSED

Hearing alot of church's that have had issues... What is God saying????


I couldn't pass this deal up, if three people purchase a ticket to DC United, I get a free ticket.
so i am posting this SPAM.. FUCK IT, i just bought a house and I just did my budget last night. I'm POOR and I need my live football.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Star Wars Fans, get this: Admiral Akbar in Drag

The admiral likes to play dress up.

Also Codmothers in DC on U Street are ok with open drug use at the bar as long as you share with the barkeeper. However, girls, please pile into the 2x2 bathroom for coke up the nose. Oh yeah, and if you are underage Codmothers in DC on U Street will serve you. They don't care even if You have giant X's on your hand.

Codmothers, look for the painting of Admiral Akbar in drag, my Star Wars friends.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DC Area Drivers

Are the worst! !
Die in a fire, all of you!!

Oh Mourinho, you so bad. 3-2 to the Catalans!!

Who's the guy in the background?

But anyway, Mourinho!!!!!

He's bad for football,Bad for La Liga but definitely Good for Barcelona!

With regards to the Saddam lookalike, I was able to find him through history.

At Reagan's shooting

At the London Riots 2011

Were you able to find him through history?

Send your found photos to thomasjeffuk at yahoo dot co dot uk and I will post them here!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Corn Dogs


Who doesnt love a corn dog on a stick...

I remember, in my youth, going to Marriott's Great America to ride the demon and tidalwave and eat food from a stick! Chocolate covered frozen bananas-on-a-stick and CornDogs-on-a-stick.

Is eating corndogs now the equivalent of politicians kissing babies?

Must a politician eat a corndog in Iowa to get elected?

Or Just something phallic?

Yep phallic...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prednisone and the man boob phenomena

On June 7, 2011 my wife gave me her kidney in order that I can survive, keep living, live a close to normal life.... IT WAS THE GREATEST GIFT I HAVE EVER RECIEVED... AND AM INDEBTED TO HER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE... i will eventually go into more detail on this blog, regarding this event, in the future (after I have gathered my thoughts)... but for now i want to discuss the aftermath or one part of the aftermath:
Man Boobs
or Moobs if you are so inclined. 

See, in order that my body doesn't reject the new kidney, that is now inside me, I am given large quantities of drugs, medications or pills.  I average about 40 pills a day. All different kinds of pills.
It's successful in that i have limited side effects to the pills that I ingest.

However, there is one side effect that i have not been able to get away from....The Man Boob phenomena.  I believe i have gained these training bra sized lumps from the steroid prednisone.
I take my shirt off in the front of the mirror and think to myself "who is that pubescent little girl standing in front of me, OHHHH it is none other than myself"
I find myself jiggling top side as I walk the halls of my office... i bounce as I take the stairs to my basement... and i protrude through a shirt, that just a few weeks ago was fitting nicely.

Now that I have had the stent removed (another good story for later) and have the ok from my doctors and nurses at the Hume-Lee Transplant Clinic, I have taken on a more ACTIVE exercise regiment.
  Power Walking & Some Running for no less than 30 minutes a day. This WILL be increased to 45 minutes over the next few days with bicycling and swimming added.
I am hoping with the removal of the prednisone ( i started taking 5 pills a day after surgery, now down to 2 pills a day) from my pill regiment and the addition of more ACTIVE exercising, i will not only lose the 15 pounds my doctor wants i will reduce the size of my man lumps.



PS: if someone knows of a nice, cheap, clean & year round pool please contact me.


The French love le NinjaMonkey

what's up with that?

they are leading the pack with 18 page views!! Come on Russia, catch up.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leggings as pants

Never should leggings EVER ever EVEr be considered as pants.

No one should have to be subjected, especially in the workplace, to you in leggings.  We honestly do not want to have look at the unflattering bulges, dimples and pock marks that can clearly be seen underneath your 'painted' body covering.

They aren't pants, never were pants and never will be pants PERIOD

Yours kindly,


What's The Long White Skinny Thing??

Can you guess?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Ninjamonkey3000 bat cave is no more.

1117, the long time home to Mighty and the Ginger ( who is no longer a Ginger, for several years now) can no longer be considered our cave.

As of July 18th, 2011, we can now be considered part of the sect of home owners. No longer are we foolishly handing cash ($120,000 at last count) to another homeowner in order to conduct our top secret experiments in urban living. 

We decided to pack up and move to the 'country.'  Nights are filled with the sounds of tree frogs and chicadas battling it out for the top spot at Top of the Pops. 

We have gone country peoples: with rain barrels, compost piles, a screened in porch and basement crickets.  Large (very) basement crickets sing us to sleep each evening. Each morning we discover the carcasses of dead crickets, half consumed by our companions in crime: Gus and Camille our faithful and deadly, and armed with laser eyes, CATs.

Honestly, our country consists of three blocks across the DC line in great county of Prince George's. Our fair little 'city' full of the blue collared, hippie fetishizers, dabblers in the arts &  art professionals.  While we might only be 3 blocks from our former municipality, it is a world away with a fiercely outside the beltway mentality (who cares if we're 3 miles inside the beltway, HA!!)

Anyway... that's what's new... among other things... which I WILL get to eventually.  So please keep checking back and let me know what's up and what you are thinking.

Bye for now.