Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Ninjamonkey3000 bat cave is no more.

1117, the long time home to Mighty and the Ginger ( who is no longer a Ginger, for several years now) can no longer be considered our cave.

As of July 18th, 2011, we can now be considered part of the sect of home owners. No longer are we foolishly handing cash ($120,000 at last count) to another homeowner in order to conduct our top secret experiments in urban living. 

We decided to pack up and move to the 'country.'  Nights are filled with the sounds of tree frogs and chicadas battling it out for the top spot at Top of the Pops. 

We have gone country peoples: with rain barrels, compost piles, a screened in porch and basement crickets.  Large (very) basement crickets sing us to sleep each evening. Each morning we discover the carcasses of dead crickets, half consumed by our companions in crime: Gus and Camille our faithful and deadly, and armed with laser eyes, CATs.

Honestly, our country consists of three blocks across the DC line in great county of Prince George's. Our fair little 'city' full of the blue collared, hippie fetishizers, dabblers in the arts &  art professionals.  While we might only be 3 blocks from our former municipality, it is a world away with a fiercely outside the beltway mentality (who cares if we're 3 miles inside the beltway, HA!!)

Anyway... that's what's new... among other things... which I WILL get to eventually.  So please keep checking back and let me know what's up and what you are thinking.

Bye for now.


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