Friday, September 28, 2007

NInjamonkey3000 Mix Numero 3! Check IT!

UNiverse, Universe The Sundresses/
Keep It Inside J. Forte*
- The Answer Lone Ranger>
High On A MountainTop Loretta Lynn/
The Lady is A Tramp Sammy Davis Jr./
Objects Of My Affection Peter Bjorn And John(
The Truth About Johnny The Raveonettes*
Memory Of A Free FEstival David Bowie}
She Is Gone Again Lee "Scratch" Perry/
Motoroller Scalatron Stereolab%
Home Of The Brave Spiritualized!
Soul Walk Lee "Scratch" Perry?
Livin' fir the weeekend The Dirtbombs/
Bonus Track Unrest/
Pretty Thing Bo Diddley&
- No Satisfaction Black Mountain*
$20 M.I.A/

IF you want a copy email me with address and I will sent one via USPS......
FOr Mella mella!!!!!!

RIP inDCent eXposure

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Found this...

this was shot right AFTER he was accused of being a Judas, though not shown here Bobby replies/exclaims aside to his band mates "Play it fuckin loud" They then proceed to tear through (the good tear through) the most rip roaring version of the song ever.....


I think this was the first time since Buddy Hollies' death all were able to breath a sigh of relief. Music was not dead, rock and roll was not, as would be exclaimed by the cheep Dylan wanna be years later, Don Mclean.



Did you see the Washington City Paper's article on the Post's article on LeRoy?
What's the news?

Read it at the City Paper's website...I think what's more important here, is to point out that Leroy is a douche, not that the Post covered the wrong angle.

Douches Unite!!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I can has cheezburger?

Been stalking I Can Haz Cheezburger?, for quite some time.

I have also gone so far as to make my own ICHC? inspired pics, which I proudly display below.

St. Louis United

Created this after I found out the St. Louis' prospect of an MLS team could possibly share United's name.

Created this by using Smith's early morning quote, from a time wasting website.

Red Bullz
Created this pic when it was determined that the Red Bull supporter group ESC, where using Barra Brava & Screaming Eagles chants, cheers and songs.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sweet Jesus, I'm famous!

Ninjamonkey3000 has been picked up for syndication!! Well sort of.....

New blog service, Shawington, has added Ninjamonkey3000 to its blogroll.

Since Shaw is the "Bloggiest" DC neighborhood, someone had the bright idea to "aggregate" 33 blogs into one super blog. ├╝ber blog, if you will.

What does this mean for Ninjamonkey3000?
*Ninjamonkey3000 will need to figure out how to add Shawington to it's own blogroll.
*Ninjamonkey3000 will have more posts about Shaw. (technically the Ninjamonkey3000 Batcave HQ is half a block out of Shaw, but who is counting geography, SHAW is really a state of mind).
*Ninjamonkey3000 will need to start to type good!
*Ninjamonkey3000 will need to post more often than our current one post every 5 years. The public have spoken, THEY WANT THEIR NINJAMONKEY3000.
*Ninjamonkey3000 will need to start posting more pics of thyself so random anonymous Shawsters can slap me on my back and say "HEY even though your NM3000 BC HQ (Ninjamonkey3000 Batcave Headquarters) is technically half a block outside of Shaw, you are awesome and you represent Shaw's state of mind, but can you fix yer typing? It's not good."
*More anonymous comments that say, "you suck!", or "shut up, fatass!"

Note to Shawington.........
Please fix your blogroll, the blog is Ninjamonkey3000 NOT Ninjamonkey or Ninja Monkey.

Thanks for tuning in!!!!