Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I can has cheezburger?

Been stalking I Can Haz Cheezburger?, for quite some time.

I have also gone so far as to make my own ICHC? inspired pics, which I proudly display below.

St. Louis United

Created this after I found out the St. Louis' prospect of an MLS team could possibly share United's name.

Created this by using Smith's early morning quote, from a time wasting website.

Red Bullz
Created this pic when it was determined that the Red Bull supporter group ESC, where using Barra Brava & Screaming Eagles chants, cheers and songs.


Alex said...

Is that second picture Rupert lurking on inDCent Exposure?

rupert said...

Godfrey Daniels!

I put your face on "Heroes", your name in "Prison Break" and shut down your crappy indcent exposure troll board and you are still obssessing about me?

Give it up Alex. Enjoy being assigned to the hellholes of the world.

Next time, don't fuck with Da Rupe!

mighty said...

Oh Rupert!

You're so crazy....

Literally CRAZY!!!!

rupert said...

Well, "Mighty", last hurricane season had no landfalls on the east coast, did it? I guess I know more about it than the National Hurricane Center does, eh?

Crazy? Hell, everyone is crazy, but I am accurate.

mighty said...


Given that Alex's post was from September of 2007... how can you say he is "still" obsessing over you (not that he was to begin with).

hopefully in your time away from the indc crowd you have gained more constructive hobbies.....

Lastly, what do you call a guy who posts postd pics and names in unrelated wikipedia entries?


Hope all is well!


rupert said...

nighty mighty mighty,

"Lastly, what do you call a guy who posts postd pics and names in unrelated wikipedia entries?


someone is feeding you a line of crap and you are swallowing it. videos, music, and the weather are my passions. same as it ever was.

whoever told you i am posting pics and names on wikipedia is probably the one doing it, whatever it is.

feels like a troll to me, not biting . . .

have good ones mighty

don't believe anything.

and i never hung with you people. too bad, you all seemed like suck a nice bunch of folks. yeah, real nice.

Anonymous said...

Is that really the legendary Rupert Chappelle, Thereminist, posting on your blog???