Sunday, February 25, 2007

The FIRST Officially Sanctioned NinjaMonkey3000 MIX!!!!

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - The Arcade Fire

Vibe Out! - Unrest

God Makes No Mistakes - Loretta Lynne

Smile Around the Face - Four Tet

Ikebana - Kevin Shields

California Uber Alles - Dead Kenneedys

Summer Babe - Pavement
Modern Music - Black Mountain

Getting No Where Fast - The Wedding Present
Crest - Stereolab
No Thugs in this House - XTC

Top Menu Disco - Disco Dancer
Medical Operation - Lee Perry & The Upsetters

Adam+Eve Connection - Deerhoof

Home of the Brave - Spiritualized
The Helicopters Spies - The Swell Maps

Smile - Lily Allen

A Visit From Drum - Liars

Music is My Boyfriend - The Hidden Cameras

Chapter of Money - Someone from a DUB Comp.

Saving My Ticket - Superchunk

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Brother IS Listening

This is what domestic spying looks like. Apparently, the man (read FBI) has placed an unspecified number of sensors (read MICROPHONES) to listen for gun shots in WARD 7. In partnership with the MPD (read THE DC MAN) the FBI started this pilot program to help locate and identify crimes with shots fired. These sensors are so good that they are able to determine within a few feet where the gun shots were fired. The program is currently only in WARD 7 but there are plans for it to spread to WARD 5 and 6 with an eventual city wide deployment.

The program, though a little invasive, has successfully been used to apprehend real cold blooded killers, like Lankward Harrington, who murdered a lanscaper who was shot 4 times while high on PCP.

This is a visualization of the four gunshots Lankward Harrington fired into Jose Villatoro. Chilling....
Assholes like Lankward need to be shot or at least disemboweled while fully sober!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pics of my HOOD!

Welcome to my hood! Green arrows UP is always positive. Don't mind the gang war or stray bullets wizzing by your head.

This is the Carnegie Library in Mount Vernon Square, it is now sits empty and is used in-frequently for parties. Homeless and street people sleep out back on top of the air conditioning fans.

This is AV, the italian restaurant, a mere block from my hizzy. It's awesome. The owner made millions by selling so that a greedy developer can build overpriced condos, and limited commercial space. BTW, did I mention my neighborhood is a historic district??????


Jesus Fricking Christ on a Crutch

Whats with the idiots in this city?

Fenty what are you gonna do? I want to know what the city has planned and how you are gonna keep me and my loved ones safe.....

This shit is ridiculous..

Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Pics!

Music, Band, Fingering, Plucking, Bolophonics!!!!


Like a second marriage or mistress.

The good news, the band that I left and then rejoined will be playing March 2nd at the Velvet Lounge. Not the ideal location, its so freaking dirty!!!!

So on my hiatus from the band, the remaining members recorded enough material to release an EP. Since I did not participate in the recording I have resigned to just being the bass player. Which is fine with me, the first time around I got tired giving my opinion and being told in a passive aggressive way that my idea of what makes good music was wrong. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bass player is the loneliest of all band members, not as cool or as big of a glory hound as the front man or inclined as the drummer. We bass players just pluck and finger rhythmically. Pluck and finger, finger and pluck. Oh life is difficult!!!!

Maybe its this loneliness that leads to the bass player acting out!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????????

So anyway, we will be playing with J Forte and his secret pop band

Anyway come out March 2nd to see the band that i am playing with again .


Monday, February 05, 2007

Stardate 254X698-83ab-29-Z

This city's too hot! I am gonna go out, to the mountaintop.
-- Lee 'Scratch' Perry

Thank goodness for Connecticut, California, Nevada and Bermuda! We need a break from the fuckin' violence. We gotta get our heads together, see family and rest.

Bought a new camera. Not sure of all the bells and whistles. Looking for ease of use and certain uptodateness that our 'old' kodak could no longer provide.

Hopefully I can successfully upload the photos without the need of silly Canon software. Simplicity.

Talk about 21st century... I uploaded a full length movie onto the Nif's DELLPOD.

Sweet, the future!!


"Sucka MC!"

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

UM Yeah Paranoia CHA CHA CHA!

Taken from one of the message boards I frequent:

your nutbar has been made, keep him away, tell him to stop calling friends, family, etcetera.

funny how with al your background checks, drug tests, personality profiles, that you people seem to always hire nutjobs, psychopaths and traitors. that's just the kind of folks your line of work attracts.

you have hacked the accounts from the pentagon and found nothing. run "global universal networkplace" and see who and what you are dealing with.

he told me he was working aarp and told others he was working for you and he told another he was working with the mossad.

wouldn't be surpirsed if he's got some opus dei too.

take a few deep breaths, oxygenate yourselves, and see if you can figure out that you are working at a disadvantage. P.Y.H.O.O.Y.A.

anyway, everyone who has been investigated by your issclown knows about it and you.

my number is 006, CS USNRC project GUN.

chain of command, fools. the protocols are still in effect. they did a great job.

ewige blumenkraft!


This comes from a person who claims to be able to control the weather and is the world's greatest theremin player. All I need to say is: Pepsi- IT's the one!