Friday, February 02, 2007

UM Yeah Paranoia CHA CHA CHA!

Taken from one of the message boards I frequent:

your nutbar has been made, keep him away, tell him to stop calling friends, family, etcetera.

funny how with al your background checks, drug tests, personality profiles, that you people seem to always hire nutjobs, psychopaths and traitors. that's just the kind of folks your line of work attracts.

you have hacked the accounts from the pentagon and found nothing. run "global universal networkplace" and see who and what you are dealing with.

he told me he was working aarp and told others he was working for you and he told another he was working with the mossad.

wouldn't be surpirsed if he's got some opus dei too.

take a few deep breaths, oxygenate yourselves, and see if you can figure out that you are working at a disadvantage. P.Y.H.O.O.Y.A.

anyway, everyone who has been investigated by your issclown knows about it and you.

my number is 006, CS USNRC project GUN.

chain of command, fools. the protocols are still in effect. they did a great job.

ewige blumenkraft!


This comes from a person who claims to be able to control the weather and is the world's greatest theremin player. All I need to say is: Pepsi- IT's the one!

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Alex said...

that guy belongs in a padded cell!