Wednesday, March 23, 2005

where you at?, the whole city CAN HEAR YOU!!

What is up with the walkie talkies?

Cool when you're 7 years old while playing army man (which I did a lot of tween the ages of 6 and 15).
Needed if you are on a work site that requires communication without delay.

Un cool if you are wearing hi-heels, cargo pants or anything from the faux Louie Vitone line .

I don't need to know that Ray-Ray was sucking face with Tyronia at da club.
Other things I officially don't need to know:
Where you at?
Where your baby's daddy is at?
Amount of Rock Creek Cola needed for breakfast.
That Fat Arnold requires a 18 pack of Sunkist, a bag of doughnuts, 2 slim jims and a stick of butter.

Where you at?