Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two minutes after eight, breaking out the survival kit

Be safe!

quarter past six on Saturday

well, Irene is here, rain has been constant since noon and the wind is definitely picking up. Gust come through the neighbor sending the rain horizontal.

The gutter out front of the house is now a large creek. Thankfully the drain down the street has not backed up. Fingers crossed it continues to flow flow flow.

This might be a long night

BTW no water in the basement, the crickets are not happy.

Almost three thirty

Wind is picking up.
Home Depot is crazy busy.
People smoking by the propane, crazy.

Irene bringing the fury???? Not quite. But it might get crazy yet.

One o'clock something happening

The Kop singing "i just can't get enough'

Irene still boring.

Thinking of taking a nap later.

46 minutes past noon, irene more of same

And Jordan Henderson scores for Liverpool
Irene is still boring.

Half past noon, Irene knocking on the door

Gentle rain and small bursts on wind.

I'm taking a break from putting together a grill in the shed to watch Liverpool destroy Bolton (fingers crossed)

Uh oh, the wife had close the window a bit. Why? Water starting to come in.

BLTs for lunch, yum!

10 minutes to 10. Where are you Irene?

But a nice warm breeze is a blowing while I enjoy my cup of coffee and the Bundesliga.
Bayern v. Kaiserlatern (sic). Always go for the ünderdog.

40 minutes past midnight, GREEN DAY are POSEUR FUCKS

still nothing
no rain
no wind

Green Day on live at Lollapalooza.

Green Day are a bunch of poseur douchebags

Stoopid looking old men fucks
Green Day Geriatric Fucks!!

quarter past midnight

no rain
no wind

Gogol Bordello is on the tv, which helps pass the time

Sadly the DC United match for tomorrow was postponed.

We will be tailgating however.. just not at RFK.. maybe a match of hurricane football will be played in the backyard.

if you are interested in grilling and drinking beer.... contact me!