Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ASS Problems at the Ninja Monkey Bat Cave Headquarters

After the midnight run to BUR (name of store changed to protect the innocent), for Preparation H for my lady friend, little did I know I would start to have some ass problems of my own. Luckily my anus is not popping blood vessels (thanks to South Beach). But over the past two days I have noticed an irritation low on my left ass cheek (think where the ass and the upper thigh meet, but more ass than thigh.)
Needless to say it appeared right where my ass hits the chair. My boney butt ain't helping either. It feels as though my ass bone is causing the irritation from the inside.

So anyway, I think my office chair needs to go. To lessen the pain I grabbed a throw pillow from the reception area's many couches.

Upon further investigation of the office chair it seems two ply burlap does not act as sufficent padding for comfort.

I know what you are thinking, what was the midnight run for Preparation H all about. That, ladies and gentleman, is for another time.

Feel free to correct my grammar, I am sure it sucks!

Blowing up Fish

Thanks Smith for making me remember Danny Kissling.

I just spent an hour Googling Danny Kissling to see if he is still calling in Bomb Threats and inserting firecrackers into helpless fish.

As a 12 year old I couldn't fathom the realities of what we did that day.

Now I am depressed, thinking back, to the poor poor helpless Sunnies as their faces exploded in mid-air to the delight of two 12 year olds. One clearly the follower (me) and the other an evil devil child who would eventually call in bomb threats because he was dared to.
Where is he now?

So this is a first attempt at a Blog!

Correct my grammar and stuff, if'n you wish!