Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pic of the day

Found at an antique store in Fredricksburg, Va

Beat I am, rest is need before winter arrives

I hallucinated, I think, last night... after running around chasing a ball for 50 minutes.  I got it in my head that my sweat smelled of pee.   Paranoia... yes.  the kidney transplant always has me going in that direction.  before the transplant my breathe and sweat occasionally smelled of pee... symptoms of kidney failure, the doctors told me . as the toxins in my body needed releasing and thier scent was urine smelling.

But yes 50 minutes of chasing a ball, colliding into Russian speakers and occasionally being beamed by laser rifles fired soccer balls does tend to make an elder like myself  occasionally tire ed, occasionally

the work day has been lost
my feet not hurting but tired from pounding on the faux turf covered concrete
eyes heavy
face warm

Fall is near, rest is need prior to long winter's night that fast approaches
preparations need to be made as this winter will be long and never ending