Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Farming is Direct Action

First let me state, I am one of the 99% and I support the OWS movement.  The above picture, by Lee Ranaldo, clearly states my position on what should be done.  All the over educated under employed protesters on Wall Street who went to college and are having difficulty paying their student loans, let me suggest the following (and please do not take offense).  Note, I want this movement to grow and consume the rest of America. 

How about we, the under employed/over educated Occupy Wall Street protesters seek employment on America's farms as farm hands, in America's non-union factories on the line, in America's ditches as ditch diggers or in America's fast food emporiums.  Bring this cause to the under educated working class in order that they may learn and join this movement.  This movement need not be so selfish, as I see a lot of the OWS who want THEIR student loans forgiven, THEIR pay from corporate America to increase.  Could this not be the same selfishness that is giving Wall Street and Corporate America the power they yield at a cost to us? I ask in all honesty, what about the REAL 99%, the working poor, the fast food emporium burger flipper, the chain store mall worker, or the migrant farm hand.  A majority of the over educated OWS protesters were educated and prepped to work in the very companies that have their hands in the Wall Street coffers.  

To you I say, Take direct action!
Get your hands dirty!