Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Go! Team

not to be confused with The Go Team....

what's not to love about a lead singer who's name is Ninja?????

I went to this show last night not thinking I knew any songs by them, it turns out I knew one. The song from the honda civic commercial.

random thoughts and observations from last night:
UP with people!!
horrible mix
why are the lead instruments pre-recorded?
was that a mini bubble skirt?
why are there two guitars being played onstage, but I can't hear either?
where are the horns coming from?
I see a keyboard being played, but the rhythm the player is playing is different than the sound emanating from the PA.
if you are going to pretend to play the harmonica, it would be good if the audience could hear it.
pre-recorded guitar and bass feedback between songs is key to a great show.
Why was the last song played the only song which sounded like it was played live?

I was underwhelmed by their "overwhelming" performance.....