Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Brother IS Listening

This is what domestic spying looks like. Apparently, the man (read FBI) has placed an unspecified number of sensors (read MICROPHONES) to listen for gun shots in WARD 7. In partnership with the MPD (read THE DC MAN) the FBI started this pilot program to help locate and identify crimes with shots fired. These sensors are so good that they are able to determine within a few feet where the gun shots were fired. The program is currently only in WARD 7 but there are plans for it to spread to WARD 5 and 6 with an eventual city wide deployment.

The program, though a little invasive, has successfully been used to apprehend real cold blooded killers, like Lankward Harrington, who murdered a lanscaper who was shot 4 times while high on PCP.

This is a visualization of the four gunshots Lankward Harrington fired into Jose Villatoro. Chilling....
Assholes like Lankward need to be shot or at least disemboweled while fully sober!!!!