Thursday, March 31, 2005

oh to be 8, 9 or 10 again!

Had it and now I want it back!

Is it wrong...

... to choose a vulgarity as a password??

How do you make up your passwords? Old address, pet's birthdate?

Speaking of wrong, but it is oh so funny!!

And another thing, what is with good bar bands sounding like other more popular bands? The phenom of coldradioplayhead type bands is really lame. If your musicians are good, why not write something that sounds original???

I'm just mad 'cause Ginger was all about how cute their singer was. Turns out he was making moves. I found the concealed sticker she got, for free, from him. First Les Savy Fav and now Rantings of Eva!!! I mean come on Ginger stick with the bigger more establish Williamsburg Band, dont' slum around for the band from Georgia. Remember the last good thing to come out outa Georgia, shudder!

Another thing, what's with the three tiers of effects pedals.....Offender! It still sounds like a guitar!! And another thang lose the Flash on your website, it reaks of state fair wanna be. But your singer is hot, so you got one good thing going for you!