Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The ridiculousness of my work place

I just returned from the all purpose drug store that also sells things other than drugs (CVS), why did I go to the all purpose drug store that also sell things other than drugs?

Well I had to buy a condolence card for my co worker whose bird was murdered while being babysat by the "office manager". It turns out that the "office manager"'s mother accidentally SAT on the bird, affectionately named after a type of raw japanese food.

Ironic that the bird that was being birdsat (babysat) was killed by being SAT upon....

This shit is hard to make up...

ABSURDISM at its finest

Friday, May 25, 2007

A thought for Memorial Day Weekend....

What would Jesus do?

Park Illegally

Change that what would Sweet Daddy "I was a snake oil salesman" Grace do?

Besides take moeny from his poor parisheners to fuel his desire for earthly material items......


Thanks to DC for all the parking enforcement.... YOU ARE AWESOME....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Shiloh owned buildings condemned, CENSURE THORPE

About time the city has started to to listen to residents of our neighborhood.

Found this article from the examiner, Leroy Thorpe does his usual playing the race card.

Hey Leroy, I'm still waiting for that riot!!

A commenter brought up an interesting item. Why has Jack Evens not censured Leroy Thorpe? He is dividing this neighborhood, he is the bigot, racist, sexist and rapist!

For more on Leroy Thorpe visit Leroythorpe.com.


Monday, May 14, 2007

chk chk chk & holy fuck @ 930


Did not know what to expect form holf fuck, the openers.l But their drum & bass with noise was reminiscent of some early shoegaze......

!!!, wasnt sure what to expect. I loved them the first itme I heard them while listening to KEXP, but really I had no expectations.

They are most definitly capable musicians, but I do have to take issue with Nic Offer's weak imitation of Mick Jagger. Nic needs to learn some more moves if he ever wishes to be clos eto the same league. His was but a weak imitation.

I have to say I have not danced as much as I have on a Monday night in a real long time. THANKS !!!

Note to the 930, if you are going to enforce no smoking or drugs, PLEASE ENFORCE THOSE RULES ONSTAGE AS WELL. !!!'s guitarist was openly smoking something (probably weed) out of handmade apple pipe. YES, edible drug paraphenalia.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

First and foremost HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Series of Events

Two weeks ago, I smashed 'Bea' on the stage of the Velvet Lounge and then again on the wall of the Velvet Lounge.

Friday- Ate at La Tasca, CRAPPY TAPAS that taste like my home cooking, with our friend Kristine to help celebrate her divorce. Then ended the night at Tunicliff's with Diet Cokes and Cape Cods.

Saturday- Slept in, the wife made breakfast, slowly awoke then watched last weeks New England v. Chicago. Twellman you SUCK! Eventually dressed in my Preppiest/Upper Crust/High Society informal wear for an afternoon of croquet with the Official Unofficial Croquet Society of DC. Croquet and stuff 014 Consumed quite a few Pimm's and Iced tea, hit some balls through a couple of wickets and cheated, cheated, cheated, cheated! HUZZZZZZAHHH!
Then ate dinner at Clyde's and heard all the dirt of some married Joe who is attempting to have an affair. Due to rain we kept dry by staying in Clyde's for a couple extra minutes. Eventually we made our way out to rural Northern Virginia (via METRO) to catch Greg's band's CD release show. Saw two bands and left during Greg's set (sorry Greg, but we were tired, drunk and not feeling social). Croquet and stuff 122 But they are really a great band, go see them.....Lejeune Lejeune Lejeune Lejeune Lejeune

On the Metro back, some machismo no neck schmuck asked if I wanted him to beat up a group of mooks (read GWU trusties) who mocked my Preppiest/Upper Crust/High Society informal wear. Croquet and stuff 002 Huh??!?!?!?!

We sat across from teen wearing nothing more than a hankie, who was either on her way to fuck for money or some XTC fueled all night dance party. She slept the whole ride from Clarendon to Metro Center.
The wife wanted to walk from Metro Center to home, slighty drunk and extremely exhausted I agreed. It was raining! We got wet, but enjoyed the stroll, by-passing Little Time Square and past the fools in line at A Venue (waiting in line to go to a club????????I do not comprehend why anyone would do this in the rain or just in general)
We eventually got home and watched our recorded msut see tv (YEAH DVR!), My Name is Earl and the Office as well as CSI!!!!
Around 1:30 we heard several gun shots, I mistook them for firecrackers so I did nothing. Ten minutes later another gun shot or firecracker was heard. I immediately called 311 (311 was chosen because I was honestly unsure if it was gun shots or firecrackers). A call was made, I did my job!

Sunday- Slept in, then made breakfast for the wife.... Her favorite French Toast (did you know in France french toast is called LOST TOAST?)!!!!
Over preparing and eating of breakfast the wife and I watched last nights Galaxy v. New England. This was a tough match to watch because I did not want either team to win. New England the finer of the two teams beat Landon "Forehead" Donovan's Gaylaxy 3-2. Definitly a sweet match.

Checked my email, and found that KEVIN!!! from the Bolophonics had this to say:
Mighty!, after thinking about it for the last few weeks I've decided that
I want to stop doing The Bolophonics. After 3 years, we are still
begging and cajoling our friends/family/co-workers to get out to
shows; for whatever reason, we cannot build a fanbase of any size.
Maybe we suck as a band, maybe we don't know what we're doing from a
promo standpoint, but I'm also getting kind of burnt out on music in
general and don't really have the fire I once did to keep it going.

Now I need to find a new band, I felt the end coming and decided not to keep it going cause I too wanted to end it. But since I was only involved as the bass player with close to zero artistic input (not by my choosing) I am not so sad to see it go. Sure I am sad I won't be playing out anytime soon but not sad in the sad be depressed for days!

Eventually we got out of the house to BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY. For her work mostly, we made stops at Pearl art store and Home Depot. We also stopped at La Madeline for 'french' food. Had to complain to the manager about the conditons in the outdoor eating area. Supposedly La Madeline has staff to clear dishes and used food trays. Piles of dirty dishes and detritus had collected and was a happy hunting ground for the areas sparrow and starlings. The wife and I had to clear a table ourselves.....I chose to complain or more honestly bring the manager up to speed on the conditions becuase I spent and exorbitant amount of money on food that was prepared prior to my arrival. $21.00

Finally after eating, the wife and I decided to stopped by GUITAR CENTER \m/ :) \m/

Saw a bass that I had been eyeing on E-Bay, Fender Jaguar Bass (a new bass, Jaguar has previously been found in the guitar and baritone guitar variety). I test drove the bass for a while then pumped into David, who at one time dated a friend, who I have been acquanted with through the DC RAWK scene. He was most recently in Third Programme, but I am sure he is in some other GROOP currently. Well any way long story short David works at Guitar Center and was able to extend to me the "BUDDY" Rate. He knocked a $100 off of the store price, which was already below the prices I found on E-Bay. A quick decision was made and I purchased a brand new bass.
Croquet and stuff 127


Good Night!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Word of the day!!!

Aniconism -noun-
opposition to the use of idols or images.

Aniconism is the absence of any representations, in a restricted sense those of living or divine beings, and more generally, any type of human substitution.

Still 33, 5th day in and everything is still a ok

Friday, May 04, 2007

Jesus and I. 33

33 today.

If you are interested and you read this blog, I will be celebrating at Mozart's Cafe starting at 6:00.

Mozart's is at 1331 H Street.

Good Beer served by the litre.

Hopefully I won't be crucified.


DC United v NE

DC United v New England 004
Tied 1-1
Best so far.


Finally someone who deserves being capitan is now capitan, or as I like to call him Capitan Caveman. Benny Olsen that is......

Caroline and her friend Lakshmi attended with Jenn and I.

DC United v New England 007

Here are some pics and a video just after a big pushing match started. Notice the love for Twellman.

Best chant of the night has to be:
"Twellman, Twellman, Twellman, YOU SUCK!"

DC United v New England 009

Notice how the 100's thru 300's are packed!!! Better than the nationals attendance.