Monday, May 14, 2007

chk chk chk & holy fuck @ 930


Did not know what to expect form holf fuck, the openers.l But their drum & bass with noise was reminiscent of some early shoegaze......

!!!, wasnt sure what to expect. I loved them the first itme I heard them while listening to KEXP, but really I had no expectations.

They are most definitly capable musicians, but I do have to take issue with Nic Offer's weak imitation of Mick Jagger. Nic needs to learn some more moves if he ever wishes to be clos eto the same league. His was but a weak imitation.

I have to say I have not danced as much as I have on a Monday night in a real long time. THANKS !!!

Note to the 930, if you are going to enforce no smoking or drugs, PLEASE ENFORCE THOSE RULES ONSTAGE AS WELL. !!!'s guitarist was openly smoking something (probably weed) out of handmade apple pipe. YES, edible drug paraphenalia.

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