Friday, September 14, 2007


Convention Center Hotel?? Up in smoke?

Keeping Shaw a SLUM?


Supporting Xenophobes by standing silent?
Crime Crime Crime!

Not Supporting Democracy? Supporting Black Market Trade? PHOTO OPS PHOTO OPS PHOTO OPS! 9th Street Decay! Library Fiasco! Double Parking Cultists!


Anonymous said...

Come on..Leroy Thorpe might be a nasty neighbor. But why do you have to revert to linking to that site that talks about his rape convictions.

Let the man be judged by his current actions.

Alex said...

but does Jack Evans kill puppies?

mighty said...

dear anon,
A man in his supposed position should be judged by all his actions.

But lets go your route and judge him by his current actions. Bigotry, xenophobia, ignorance and slander, sounds like a fine character to me.

ninjamonkey3000 management
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, when are you going to take those cheese doodles out of your nose and uncover your eyes. You look like something from Ringling Brothers, and the nerve to talk about Leroy's orange beard, you are just as ignorant as he is...

mighty said...

Dear Anon,

At least we agree he is ignorant.

And thanks for reading!!!

As for the 'cheese doodles' they were removed years ago during an intensive 8 hour surgery.
I will replace the profile photo just as soon as you stop being anonymous.

Never have I claimed to be better or worse in actions, deeds or pungence than MR Thorpe. But since this is a blog that I created, I will be free to put my own thoughts FREE of self censorship and you will be free to troll!!!!
So onward and upward you Troll, TOLL AWAY.

ninjamonkey3000 management
have a great day!