Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No regulars so i'll type about my kidney

<p>I'm sitting at the transplant center waiting for my cytogam infusion. Which means sitting on my ass for four hours while meds slowly drip into my veins.&nbsp; My donor, at one time, came in contact with a herpes type virus that lies dormant in their organs.&nbsp; I knew the risks and signed off on taking a possibly infected kidney.  The doctors informed me that 8 cytogam infusions would help my body not contract the possible virus (a type of herpes).  Today's infusion is number seven, the eighth and final is scheduled for a month from now.

Infusion appointments are long and slow.  To complicate matters, i was late to the appointment by 10 minutes, and since the cytogam is made to order here at the hospital I have to always wait up to and hour if I'm late by five or ten minutes.

So here i sit waiting for my meds to arrive.

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