Monday, March 21, 2005

Stove Top Crack Maker

Ginger (pronounced GING-HER, its the British pronunciation), my fiance, thought as a Valentine Day present a Stove Top Crack Maker (Espresso Maker) would be the ultimate I LOVE YOU present. At the Ninja Monkey Bat Cave Headquarters we like our coffee strong and black, so in fact it was the ultimate I LOVE YOU present, albeit the platinum diamond thing on her finger should be the ULTIMATE.
Even after we agreed, months in advance, that due to budget restraints Valentine gifts would not be bought, she broke down and the gift was bought and we have enjoyed it almost everyday since.

Saturday, I experienced a coffee overdose.

Headaches mean NEED MORE COFFEE. Saturday I awoke with a killer headache that could only mean caffine withdrawal, so I started the morning with three cups of coffee at Reeve's. Returned home to clean up a mess (left by a departing 18 yr. old soon to be sister in-law, which I am sure will be covered in full later.), and proceeded to have 4 cups from Stove Top Crack Maker (Espresso Maker).

Needless to say by 10 PM, Saturday I was sick, I wasn't wired awake just sick. I spent Sunday sleeping off the headache that came with the withdrawal.

Monday morning I still have a headache. And my stupid NinjaMonkey3000 brain is telling me to "HAVE MORE COFFEE."

I happily oblige.

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Anonymous said...

decaf, baby. decaf!