Friday, March 18, 2005

Gay Chicken

Is it all that it is cracked up to be???

Yes and then some.

As a spectator sport, it could be the best new sport since curling or arena football. I would definitly buy season tickets to see the mixed doubles or the Swedish Woman's Gay Chicken Team take on the club team from Goa, India "Goa Go-Go's" (their unique team uniforms of Go Go Boots and thongs could be big sellers at the local Moddels or Champs).

Yeah Gay Chicken.

BTW When playing versus a man in a kilt. The kilt always wins.


Anonymous said...

gay chicken is even better than slam ball or american gladiators!


mighty said...

wasn't gay chicken one of the challenges in american gladiators?

"And here comes a nice move by Malibu, folkshe has placed his hand mid thigh on Bob Jones of Topeka Kansas, does Bob Jones, a TV/VCR repair man by day, have the courage and strength to go all the way.... Oh oh here comes the upset for Bob Jones, Malibu goes all the way, Malibu is goes for the gold and takes the sausage in hand. Malibu is not a gay chicken. Malibu is gay! Malibu has crushed the challenger Bob Jones, of Topeka Kansas. We'll see if he can pick up some points in the next round challenge of 'Ass Buggering with a Giant Q Tip.'"

Anonymous said...

malibu was hawt, but not as hot as TURBO.

turbo --