Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Legos, Absinthe and beer hunting

Friends of the us here at the Ninja Monkey Bat Cave HQ hold an annual beer hunt every easter (or as close to it as possible) since they both work in theatre it is usually the monday following easter.
I always look forward to visiting with Jim and Christine because they never stopped playing with legos. Jim has acquired enough Star Wars oriented legos to film another 3 episodes. I found myself on his couch with the various Star Wars space ships all assembled in their Lego goodness mimicking the sound or what I thought to be the sound of these imaginary intergalatic flyers. Oh the joy.....
Well as you guessed it instead of hunting for eggs, Jim and Christine took the time to hide alcoholic beverages around their tiny apartment for their guests to search. Yipppeee..... Imagine 7 people tearing apart their shoe box of an apartment in search of mini bottles of beer and hard liquor. Behind legos walls. Inside stuff animals. Behind books. Under couch cushions.

In reward for our fine hunting, not only did we get to keep the mini bottle of beer and liquor, but Jim treated us to Absinthe (ritual and all).

Nothing beats playing Star Wars with an Absinthe buzz.

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