Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coffee just not doing it today.. But man oh man what a weekend

Had a great weekend.  Rode 15 miles on the bike trails of PG County.

Why is that when I brought this up in conversation with a co-worker (who is from racist Prince Williams County, VA) she immediately asked, "Was it safe"?

White people, who have never lived in an urbanized area, are whack.....

Which leads me to an observation I had while on my 15 mile bike escapade.  Where are all the white children at????  Sunday was a beautiful fall day.  Each and every playground that I came in contact with (PG County bike trails connect several smaller parks with actual playgrounds with jungle gyms and all) was thriving with children.  All whooping and hollaring as they were having fun.  The only thing absent... NO WHITE CHILDREN.  Where were they?  I know my neighborhood and the towns surrounding it abound with children who are of the caucasian variety. Since it was beautiful, kids should be flocking to playgrounds with swing sets and slides and monkey bars.

Do white children  (or more to the point their parents) just not do public parks?


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Alex said...

The same type of comments spring up from people when talking about the Green Line.