Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why I think Charlie Davies is a selfish tool.

Probably why I think Charlie Davies is a selfish tool.... .. when my brother broke his neck in a pool accident at a neighbor's party (where alcohol was served) he had the opportunity to sue (and was even encouraged to do so by friends and family). Did he sue? no. Why? he took responsibility, even though he was not fully to blame.. its been 3 years since that accident and he just started a part time job. he has struggled to pay bills and his mortgage... his family (wife and two kids) had to get by any way they could.. draining life savings... draining my family physically, emotionally and economically.

Did he make $300,000 a year playing a game? no.
was he able to get up from his accident less than 2 years later and run? no
My brother walks now, with the assistance of crutches, but he will always be partially paralyzed.
Is my brother a stronger and better man than Charlie Davies? Most definitely.
Is he richer then Charlie Davies will ever be? yes cause he has the dignity to take responsibility for his actions.

charlie davies take some responsibility in your life, you are lucky to be alive and make any money doing the thing you love. Some are not as lucky.

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