Saturday, March 01, 2008

I almost don't want to say anything, but the coincidence is to fucking weird.

Image the luck. Driving to work and spotting another douchebag, what luck... I ask...what luck!
If you remember earlier in the week we saw propagandist Krauthammer driving and running over children. Or so we heard!!

Imagine my surprise when I saw conservative Robert Novak (not to be confused with Krauthammer's nëu-conversativism rock style!!). so weird 2 prominent propagandists in 2 days!!!
Propaganda is a good racket, as evident by Bobby's Corvette.

AN accident at the corner of 9th and Constitution kept Bob and I next to each other for a few seconds......So I documented....

To all residents of the DC environs, please for the sake of the children, keep a wide berth around Novak's busted up black corvette. It's condition was reminiscent of Dirk Diggler's Trans Am late in the movie, it had seen better days.

Don't say I didn't warn you!!

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