Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where the hell have you been??......

...the blogsphere masses scream at me as I walk the streets of Mount Vernon Square (or as I like to call it, LOwer Shaw or as the "let's rewrite the past" crew calls it Convention Center Land).

well if you must know... I was let go from my place of employment a few weeks back, during this time of post and pre employment I spent my time drinking coffee and watching copius amounts of football games (that's soccer to you mouth breathers). SO yeah, I was let go from a job I extremely disliked (wasn't as though as I was upset when I found out on that thursday). SO anyway, before i was let go I was able to line up a couple of interviews,miracously I was hooked up with a company appropriate for my career choice. and a week after i was let go i accepted a position.

So now that I am gone from THE ASSOCIATION, I will attempt to unload some unbelivable but true stories....
Look forward to posts in the future with such titles as:
The Lumberjack
Happy Birthday In Korean
The New Hire is Fucking the Boss
The Death of Sushi or How Momma Killed The Parrott
The Hidden Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Underwear!!!! The Filing Cabinet Horror
High Fives, THE INVENTION!!!
Methadone: The Accountant's Assistant!

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