Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shaw residents go Apeshit, Evans could give a shit....

Ever since Jack Evans, ward 2 councilperson, attended the racist hate group ECCA's monthly meeting, the residents have gone apeshit (for good reason). Listserves and blogs (including THE NINJAMONKEY3000) have called Jack Evans out on his hate enabling.

Our blogging buddy over at Off 7th sent Jack Evans (he wasn't alone many other upset Shaw neighbors sent emails as well)an email asking what actions Jack Evans will take to fix the rift in the neighborhood.......

What Off 7th got back sounded more like a campaign speech than a cure all:
To: xxxxxx; shawneighborhood;
Cc: xxxxxx
Subject: [ShawNeighborhood] RE: So Jack...

Dear Off7th Guy- I have been in the pre-legislative meeting and legislative
meeting since 8:30 this morning which lasted until almost 6pm. I read
your email and emails of other residents regarding the ECCA meeting last
night. As the Ward 2 Councilmember, I have attended each
citizen/civic/ neighborhood and other associations in my Ward at least
one time a year, every year. This month I was the guest speaker at ECCA.
I am also speaking at the following meetings in the month of February:

Kingman Place NW Residents meeting, Dumbarton Condo Association meeting,
James Senior Building meeting, Mt. Vernon Neighborhood Association
Awards Banquet, Blagden Alley Neighborhood Association meeting, and the
Sheridan Kalorama Neighborhood Council, just to name a few.

I saw on an earlier blog someone invited me to attend an upcoming CCCA
meeting and I'd be happy to do so.

As the Councilmember for all residents, I am continuing to work on the
issues in your neighborhood and others in ward 2. In particular, I am
working closely with MPD and other organizations to address the increase
in violence in the Shaw neighborhood. We are also working to increase
economic opportunities. Just today, under my leadership, the Council
voted its final approval for the Convention Center Hotel to be
constructed at Massachusetts Avenue and 9th Streets, NW. We have also
continued discussions with Rhodeside in anticipation of breaking ground
at the O Street Market. Finally, at today's legislative meeting we
passed emergency legislation, the "Home Again Estates at Mt. Vernon
Disposition Emergency Approval Resolution of 2008" to ensure the block
of vacant properties needed to complete the redevelopment of the 1200
block of 4th Street in the Mt. Vernon Square neighborhood is addressed.

All of this follows on the announcement earlier this week that Shaw Jr.
High School will be replaced with a brand new Jr. High school and
community center...a great victory for our neighborhood. Additionally,
we look forward to the construction of the Watha T. Daniels
library...another important accomplishment for the Shaw/Mt. Vernon
Square neighborhoods. Both of these achievements are a step in the right
direction to ensuring our children get a quality education.

I think it is important that we all remain focus on addressing the many
outstanding issues throughout Ward 2.


My favorite is the last line, Jack Evans it is important that we all remain focused on addressing the many outstanding issues of ward 2. But to openly and publicly stroke the biggest divider in ward 2 and shaw in particular is to thumb your nose at the majority of Shaw's residents.

I propose that we, the residents of Ward 2 and Shaw, make sure we kick Jack out of his part time job as councilman and vote for someone who will oppose hate in all its forms and promote inclusion and openness.

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