Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Evans Attends Racist Hate Group's Monthly Meeting In Shaw

It appears Evans is shoring up his hate group vote quota by attending yesterday's ECCA.

The ECCA, for those not in the know, is the racist community association whose board was hijacked by the notorious racist, homophobic, rapist and pro-fascist Leroy Thorpe. This is the the same Leroy Thorpe who, through dirty political dealings, was able to hijack our ANC as an unelected parlimentarian and turn our ANC into an inefficient and ineffective local government body......

The ECCA, a community association, lately has taken to barring local residents and community leaders (read ANC commisioners), who do not bow in undulation when in the presence of the second coming of the prophet Mr. Thorpe.

Is this the behavior we want in an elected leader of ward 2?

Again , Jack Evans could give a crap about Shaw!!

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