Friday, March 18, 2016

Caught a girl taking selfies

Last in front of me was either taking selfies or reviewing her face via here reversed phone camera. Since I could see myaelf in he screen I mugged. It was a camera after all. When wouldn't I want to mugg? I'm a muggin kinda guy.  HoWever.... She turned to acknowledge the fact that I saw her particular behavior. She smiled.  Was this smile to let MW know that she saw me I. Her selfie OR was it to acknowledge the fact that she was surreptitiously taking a photo of me????? A memento to share to her friends of the oddity sitting behind her....... Or course I made an entrance onto the airplane in the following manner:
1. Jamming out to Punch You in the Eye from the New Year's run
2. Exclaiming loudly " Wow I hit my head" after hitting my head on the overhead  compartment.
3. Saying "Howdy Neighbor" when my seat mate arrived for her window seat? This caused many mouth breathers to turn and "take notice" (whatever that means).

Airplanes are odd, enclosed social experiments.

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