Friday, August 10, 2012

Di Vaio

I've spent the morning designing a banner for Club Echa Panza, that I am more than likely to make, for a game where there is only .5% chance of me traveling to.

Supposedly a player from Montreal, let's call him Di Vaio has been accused of match fixing in his native Italy.  This player now plays in the MLS for Montreal as a designated player.

After doing some quick research, it appears that Di Vaio was acquitted of all wrong doing:

I will still go ahead with the EVER SO POLITE banner that makes reference to Di Vaio's match fixing scandal or Scommessopoli.

UPDATE (10:07am): No butthurt fuckers will need to go to Steve Zack or his equivalent at Montreal to complain.  

UPDATE (10:29am): scommessopoli is such a stupid word and looks stupid on a mock up of a banner

S'il vous plaît ne soyez pas mal bout à bout

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