Monday, July 16, 2012

I went to Ecuador and ate Guinea Pig

Cuy, or Guinea Pig, is a delightfully tastie critter.  To me it reminded me of what a greasy turkey would taste like.  Some say pig/pork, but I never got that taste.  The cheeks and head meat were the tastiest.  I stopped at eating the eyeballs, not due to how disgusting the thought was, but because once I started chewing on the critters teeth it made me think a bit to much about what I was eating.  Try chewing on teeth.

But yeah, Guinea Pig is tastie!

Ecuador also has llamas. Lot of llamas.

 While at first thought, llamas might be cool... being they are so foreign to anything in our cultural recollection, but really... they don't anything.. they eat, graze, chew cud and glare at you as though you might be the devil. BORING animals if I may say. I invited several llamas to spit (as they are prone to do) but none could be bothered. ASSHOLES!!

Ecuador also has a hard on for Che!

His image is EVERYWHERE.
On trucks, on motorbikes, on the side of buildings, on bars and tourist trinkets. I saw more images of Che than Jesus.  But saw far more Virgin Marys than Che and Jesus combined.

What's with the poodle fixation?

Dogs are loved in Ecuador, even though they may be dirty and look as though they are homeless. Dogs of all varieties are loved.  Poodles probably the most loved.  In the middle of nowhere, on the road to the Amazon, we found a gaggle of poodles romping about a roadside sugarcane juice stand. Side note: oddly enough most dogs that are pets know English or at least the command SIT! Either that or dogs are dumb and sit at the first 'command' a human gives.

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