Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Herman Cain.... sir look to your own party for the machine tactics

Dear Sir Godfather Herman Cain,

I consider myself a far left of center independent voter.  But I like you, Herman Cain, I like you a lot.  Your heading a pack of emotional issue driven screwbags who have no answers to the issues of the day.  999 is perfect. Practical??? prolly not.

Anyway, your recent statement regarding the Democratic Machine being behind your attacks is so wrong its mind boggling.  The demos want you to win, I want you to win, your party's nomination.  Please look to your racist brethren of the GOP.  They are leading the way and spending the money in an attempt to bring you and your foot long down (i have it on good authority) via a high-tech lynching. BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED!

Most probably think it is Perry who is funding your "Democratic machine", but I think its the cultist Romney, cuz he wants the nomination more.

I am sure you know this, 'cause you are a smart guy, and you are just using the demos as your 'high-tech' punching bag, so that in the event you DO win your party's nomination you have something to point to and say "hey, look what they did".

Anyway, in the event you read this I want you to know that I am posting a link to your campaign website's DONATE page: DONATE TO HERMAN CAIN.

I want you, Herman Cain, to win the GOP's nomination.

I urge all of my readers to visit and donate to Herman Cain's campaign.  Because anything else would be detrimental to our great nation.

Yours in Christ,


ps I tried to type this in Comic Sans but does not provide it as a font choice.

Don't forget to donate to Herman Cain



Anonymous said...

Read this:

The awesome!!!

Alex said...

caintruth, like many websites with the word "truth" in them, appears to traffic primarily in bullcrap.

mighty said...

As a good Democrat you should support the Cain campaign... he is our only Hope!!
Any thing less will see the Repubs take the WH.