Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can't make this up: the Mount Rainier, Maryland edition

I knew when we bought our house, in Mount Rainier, Maryland, we were moving into a mixed neighborhood of artists, aging hippies and blue collar plebes.

Being the social guy that I am, I subscribed to the neighborhood/city's yahoo group listserve to learn up on the locals, the politics and the general goings on.

Most emails inquire into good contractors, rumors about our city government and the giving away of free garbage.

The listserve received the below email last night from Joanne Kirsch, enjoy its simplicity:

I wonder if her animal needs to stop smoking or lose weight?  Or maybe is suffering from depression...

If you want to subsribe to utter whackiness that is the Mount Rainier, MD yahoo group listserve, feel free it is open to all and not moderated:
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