Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 miles on a 2 speed

Sunday was spent biking the Baltimore Annapolis Trail.

Mostly flat with gradual hills.  While the peeps I was with had multi geared road bikes, I took up the rear in my two gear Marin Hamilton 29er.  I pedaled longer and harder than my friends who could change their gear at the flip of a paddle or switch.  All in all a great ride and an even better work-out.

What's with the Lance Armstrong wanna be's?  DO YOU have to dress in all lycra?  Do you have to spend money on specialized clothes, when normal clothes work just as well?  It's not like it is a time trial or a mountain stage of the Giro d'Italia.  Why do Americans feel the need to wear sport appropriate clothing to the particular sport they are partaking in?  Just because you watch the Tour and casually bike on the weekends, does not require you to put on the "uniform". I understand that some sports do require special equipment, but last I checked scuba gear is not required for biking... SHit brother just roll up your right pant leg so your pants don't get caught in the gear...

I am sick an tired of seeing all the overweight Lance Armstrong wanna be's cycling on the trails of Maryland and the District.

But yeah anyway.  All you need are two gears and a rolled up right pant leg.

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Alex said...

My usual mode of dress for riding around town is pants legs stuffed in socks. But the longer the ride, the more comfortable clothing matters. Normal street clothes arent comfortable over long distances. Still, there is no need to dress up like Lance Armstrong. Spandex is almost never needed (unless you're racing or riding 100-milers).