Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend as a lock in

Didn't do much..

Cooked a delish cassoulete for dinner for the week. The use of a whole chicken will make it last for a week if not more...

discovered that there are limited funds in the bank... DAMN SEASON TICKETS.. it's tough, after a year at a job where you are paid $4000 less a year....than your previous job and with more expenses due to driving 22 one way five days a week..

soon i will be in Chicago, living off a per diem...
YEAH! note the sarcasm...

the pic is of Josh at our wedding (the Nif and mighty!)

I lied actually, made if out early saturday to have a lite lunch with Mella at Matchobx (yum)..... On my way back home I spied DC blogger Jimbo crossing the street in Chinatown....i only know him from the photos he posts, on his site, of himself.... can't say i have ever talked to him online or in reality.... of course it might not be him at all... and just some bearded dude that looks awfuly similar to the doode in the pictures on Jimbo's bloggggggggg

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