Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday in Korean

Kim was Korean, straight from Korea. His english was limited, I'd find him some times downstairs with the Korean Moonie who ran the lobby shop. CHips, sodas, klondike bars, and my favorite Mike & Ike's. Just talking in Korean, both looking miserable and lonely, the shopkeeper always looking bored.........
Sharlleen was my direct super, Duke graduate, so we had North Carolina in common. She was younger than me but was not naive to the Bossman's ways. She tried to warn me as best she could:
"He doesn't understand technical terms, so when possible use technical sounding terms so as to confuse and silence him. You'll be set if you do."

The Bossman liked to be as spontaneaous as he thought he could, never plannning to leave at a certain time, meetings never planned, everything just as last minute as possible.

This one morning, a birthday morning, probably my second or third week there , he hatched a plan to help celebrate Sharlleen's birthday. This morning he called Kim and I to his office.
I think it would a good idea if we sing happy birthday to Sharlleen. In Korean!

After a few minutes of convincing KIm, using various tones of
"The song you sing on someone's birthday????!! on the day someone was born"
Questioning ourselves whether or not he understood what we were trying to say.........Kim taught us the song you sing to those on the anniversary of their birth. Then on the bosses lead we burst into Sharlleen's office, one over eager spontaneous guy, one confused Korean and one embarrassed new hire, singing a half assed version of Happy bIRTHDAY IN Korean..

some names have been changed to protect the unwilling participants!

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