Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Holidays from the Huckabees


lapopo said...

holy fuckballs. i mean butterballs.

Anonymous said...

What an ugly family. What an ugly house.

Wow, what an ugly family.

Are all Repiglicans this ugly?

mighty said...

me thinks it has more to do with dueling banjos and purty mouths!!!

Supposedly one of the sons killed a dog at camp (if you believe the internet). My vote is the Sloth (from the goonies) looking devil on the left.

Caroline said...

I love this photo!

One of his sons was arrested for trying to take a fire arm on a plane. (probably the same son)

Oh and his daughter? He hired her to be his National Field Director. Putting the kids on the pay roll, isn't nepotism great?

Samsson said...

The matching attire really gives the picture that classy "je ne sais quoi." Elbow patches? Really?

Are we sure this whole thing wasn't photoshopped? It's just too remarkable.