Friday, December 07, 2007

Attention Men with Thinning Hair:

Well First its the only product that I have ever seen that works on thinning hair,
just by using it once every 90 days,
its not a daily regiment,
or twice daily regiment
who has the time for that nonsense?
Just use Procede every 90 days and it works.

Giuseppe Franco

I don't own the company,
I don't know anything about it.
I just know that this is the greatest product ever
for the appearance of your thinning hair.
Look stop hiding your hair under these caps.
Stop denying your hair looks bad
and Do something about it.
You could be on the road to fuller thicker hair
Right Now!
by getting on a Procede Program.

I'm Giuseppe Franco,
I'm not putting my name on the line for something the doesn't work.

Giuseppe Franco

My hair looks thicker,
because it is thicker.
This is my real hair!
That's what so great about Procede.
Some Guy.

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