Saturday, April 21, 2007

Video on the interwebs, AMAZING!

Amazingly I continue to catapault my way into the 21 century.

My Canon camera has a video function, I am now able to shoot videos and post them online.

What's next, flying cars?


rr 446 said...

what the hell happened and where were they arrested? what were they dioing? LOL was that a transvestite?

mighty said...

This occured mid block of the 1100 block about a month ago.

I suspect undercover vice witnessed a drug buy at 5th and k and pulled them over mid 1100 block.

I think the passenger, an AA male, tried to run down the alley but was apprehended by another set of undercover vice.

The driver, an AA female, pleaded with the passenger to 'tell the truth'.

I have a much longer video that I have not posted that contains dialogue and interaction with an older gentleman (drunk most likely) to 'stop harrassing the black folks'.

Sad day on the 1100 block.

OffSeventh said...

Nice! Another person who will be accused "of being a major disturbance in the neighborhood"...I may try and make the "last Bolophonics show ever" on Thursday...just need a hall pass from the missus.

mighty said...

I think you should come Thursday. I will be the one playing the orange bass in the first band. Bring the missus, she can hang out with the 'rock star' wives club and chat about knitting, kitties and KORN!